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Come to a walking tour reenacting young couple’s flee from Chicago

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And you’re all invited!

When you flip houses and make YouTube videos for a living, there’s no better story to tell than your own move-in. Especially when it goes wrong. If you haven’t yet, watch these married couple Jaelin and Brianna tell their welcome to Chicago story in their own words. Basically, a man follows them both and proceeds to punch Jaelin in the face. They ended up forfeiting their new apartment, never to return because of being hunted by a perpetrator. All in all, they spent 42 minutes in the city. And they’ve outraged thousands in the process. But don’t worry, they don’t harbor any hard feelings toward Chicago.

All in all, an Edgewater resident is hosting a walking tour that reenacts the harrowing tale, with major stopping points at the Subway and CVS. While it seems ludicrous, it’s oddly fitting, given all of the press they’ve gotten. Jaelin and Brianna, for the record, don’t recommend the tour. And if you don’t want to join the walking tour, then consider donating to the walking tour’s cause: Care for Real, which raises money for Edgewater’s homeless community.