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A look at University of Chicago’s newly finished Studio Gang dorms

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The Campus North Residential Commons will accept its first student residents tomorrow

Tomorrow, the University of Chicago will welcome students to its new 400,000-square-foot dorm complex designed Studio Gang Architects. The $148 million project — known as Campus North Residential Commons — will offer accommodations for 800 students as well as a dining hall, communal space to study and relax, and new retail that includes Insomnia Cookies, Heritage Bicycles, and Dollop Coffee Co. In addition to a new public outdoor plaza, the Commons provides students with access to two elevated landscaped terraces.

While the design of the twisting concrete-clad project was first revealed in 2013, work began in mid-2014 and took just over two years to complete. The entire construction process, however, can be witnessed in less than a minute thanks to a slick time-lapse video recently shared by the University of Chicago:

The dorms’ location on the northern edge of the school expands the foot print of the campus and presented the designers a unique opportunity to create a new "front door" to Hyde Park. Studio Gang is leaving a noticeable mark on the south side neighborhood as of late, completing the City Hyde Park project earlier this summer. The Jeanne Gang-led firm also has the upcoming Solstice on the Park high-rise on the drawing board.

A photo posted by Chris Carloy (@ccarloy) on

A photo posted by Chris Carloy (@ccarloy) on

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