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Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with Pullman, one of Chicago’s great neighborhoods

Pullman’s famous house walk is only a few weeks away

When Labor Day finally rolls around, it means that it’s time to put away the white pants, but it also means that it’s time to prepare for house walk season. And one of the city’s greatest house walks takes place in the historic Pullman neighborhood on Chicago’s far south side. The Pullman Foundation and the Pullman Civic Organization have been inviting Chicagoans to come check out their neighborhood for decades—this year’s house walk will be the group’s 43rd annual edition. The neighborhood is famous for being the country’s original factory town and many of the row houses that workers lived in still exist to this day. Pullman is one of the city’s most ethnically and economically diverse neighborhoods, and the annual Pullman house walk is a great opportunity to not only learn about the neighborhood’s historic homes and buildings, but to learn about the residents that make up the community. The house walk takes place on both Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9 and tickets run $20 (advance purchase) a piece.