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A Look at Wrigleyville’s upcoming Holiday Jones Hotel

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The 53-room development will fill a vacant lot and reactivate an abandoned building

Rendering courtesy of NORR Architects

A long-discussed hotel project slated for Chicago’s rapidly-changing Wrigleyville neighborhood is moving forward at 3469-75 N. Clark. Known as the Holiday Jones Hotel, the new development is a joint venture between Horizon Realty Group, Marc Realty, and Urban Holiday and was designed by NORR Architects.

The site plan will incorporate a partially completed, four-story stone-clad building that fell victim to the Great Recession. Originally envisioned as a design that would mirror the existing structure, the Holiday Jones will fill the empty gap on Clark street with a five-story new construction sporting an industrial warehouse aesthetic of glass, metal, and brick.

Though earlier version of the proposal called for communal guest areas similar to Holiday Jones’ Wicker Park hostel at 1659 W Division, the Wrigleyville plan has since been tweaked as 53 private hotel rooms. The hotel will feature a rooftop terrace, lobby with cafe, and two ground floor retail bays offering a combined 3,800 square feet and should go a long way towards restoring and activating the streetscape along Clark.

"We are looking at bringing back this long time vacant building and empty lot to the neighborhood," explains George Sorich, principal at NORR Architects, "not only as a great amenity for out of town visitors, but as a great amenity to the neighborhood."

The plan — which required a special use permit and restoration of a lapsed zoning change — has received the backing of both the Triangle Neighbors Association and 44th Alderman Tom Tunney. The 41,000-square-foot project is expected to open in 2017.

NORR Architects
NORR Architects