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Supertall Vista Tower gets first permit for caisson drilling

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Despite a longer than usual lead up, construction is finally about to start

Studio Gang

Chicago’s next supertall tower is officially on its way. The developers behind the 93-story Vista Tower for the Lakeshore East planned community have been given their first construction permit to start drilling caissons deep into the earth. The permit only allows for the drilling of caissons, but other permits for the vertical construction will eventually follow. The major development’s first permit comes on the heels of news that developers Magellan Development and Chinese partner Dalian Wanda Group have already sold hundreds of millions of dollars of condos in the building this year. It has been reported that buyers are paying upwards of $1,000 per square foot to own a piece of the Studio Gang-designed skyscraper.

The Vista Tower is certainly the most important construction start for this year, and may even be the highest profile development for this building cycle. The project is not only indicative of the return of Chicago’s economy and the real estate market, but it also represents the return of ambitious and aesthetically interesting homegrown design. Chicago architects are famously busy working in the Middle East and in quickly developing Southeast Asian countries like China, but the Vista Tower is a Chicago-designed supertall that will soon join the likes of other iconic skyscrapers like the Willis Tower, John Hancock Center, and the Trump Tower, all of which were designed right here in the Windy City. And at 93 stories tall, this one will be hard to miss once it formally joins the city’s famous skyline.