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Frank Lloyd Wright home in Beverly takes another price cut

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The American System-Built home on the South Side is now asking $554,900

A home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Beverly can now be had for $554,900—a nearly $200,000 drop from when the house first entered the market just over a year ago. Known as the H. Howard Hyde House, the four-bedroom home is a Wright, but it’s not exactly a one-of-a-kind Wright. This Prairie style residence is one of the early American System-Built homes designed by Wright, which were sort of pre-packaged yet affordable residence that boasted good design. This landmark home in Beverly has had some trouble attracting interest despite its famous heritage. The Hyde House has been fully renovated, which some die-hard preservationists might not appreciate, however, the home is certainly a practical one compared to other of Wright’s older Prairie homes.

It’s not uncommon for Wright-designed homes in the Chicago area to languish on the market. And despite its potential, this South Side home has now taken a couple of price reductions and has spent over a year on the market. Will the latest price chop be enough to entice interest?