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Avondale home overhauled by architect owner asks $475K

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This old Chicago home has a sleek, contemporary feel to it

If you’re starting to look at Avondale because Logan Square has become too expensive, too congested, too noisy, or has just simply become too different, you’re not alone. A lot of buyers are following the Blue Line and Milwaukee Avenue further northwest to the next hot hood which neighbors Logan Square. There are plenty of old two-flats in the neighborhood that need some fixing up, but then there are some other homes that have already been completely overhauled. Take for instance this one on Gresham—it’s been thoroughly renovated from top to bottom. It’s got a sleek, contemporary feel to it and the listing agent suggests that it’s currently owned by an architect, which would make sense. Everything is new and white here (except the front door), and there’s even a nice backyard space for hanging out or entertaining. This one is seeking $475,000.

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