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Century-old bungalow has enough room for the entire family

It may look modest from the outside, but this bungalow packs a lot of punch

When it comes to squeezing every inch of useable space out of a home, the owners of this classic Arts and Crafts-era bungalow in Albany Park have done an excellent job in showing how much house you can fit into a small package. The home looks very quaint and modest from the street, but it’s got more than enough room for the whole family with five bedrooms and three baths. The house even sports some of its original architectural details like the stained glass windows, built-ins, and millwork on the main level, but it’s also got a lot of new stuff as well. Both the basement and the attic are fully finished and there’s a nice outdoor deck and backyard that’s perfect for entertaining. This house is just more proof that you don’t need a McMansion to house the family—and it’s also much nicer to look at than a lot of new construction. This one is asking $500,000.