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Landmark Myron Bachman House returns with some upgrades

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The home is being flipped after receiving a few improvements

It’s not the Tribune Tower, but it is certainly an interesting piece of Chicago architecture. We’re talking about the Myron Bachman House in Uptown that was designed by noted architect Bruce Goff. The house sold just a few months ago, but it’s already back on the market. The funky turquoise and orange carpet that was in the house at the time of the sale has since been ripped out and replaced with new hardwood and a new HVAC system has been added to the home. Otherwise, much of the house still looks the way it did before. The new owner is looking to recapture much of their investment here, but doesn’t stand to make out big in flipping this eccentric home. It was purchased for $408,000 in April and has just returned to the market asking $528,000.