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This midcentury time capsule in Norwood Park is a vintage lover’s dream home

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This northwest side home has not been touched in decades

Long before the era of suburban McMansions, working class Chicagoans were more than content with a classic brick bungalow. Bungalows were built in the tens of thousands in the years following the first World War and many of Chicago’s industrial workers and laborers called them home. And because so many were built, it’s not totally uncommon to find one that hasn’t been touched in decades. Take for instance this one in Norwood Park. The home has a strong 1950s vibe to it. And beyond just the retro look of the finishes, the home appears to have been well loved and maintained. There’s even a cool basement bar already set up for you and your buddies to play cards and gripe about taxes. If your obsession is 1950s Americana, then this may be the home for you. The ask? $298,900.