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Charming Alta Vista Terrace District 4-bedroom wants $899K

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Once home to a Chicago socialite and model, this historic property was fully rehabbed in 2014

One of the 40 "magical" historic townhouses built by Samuel Eberly Gross in Lakeview between 1903-1904 evocative of classical London architecture, this four-bedroom home in the landmarked Alta Vista Terrace District has plenty to like. In addition to a great location, the home has been extensively renovated since it previously listed in 2012 for $500,000 before selling for $485,000. If that wasn’t enough, the home was also the residence of Chicago-based model & socialite Cathleen Wiechert Treacy for 40 years — a fact that is sure to make an interesting topic at your next dinner party. The ask? $899,000.