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Open thread: What will you call the White Sox’s stadium?

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Mortgage lender Guaranteed Rate has purchased the naming rights for the South Side stadium

Comiskey Park, U.S. Cellular Field, Sox Park, "The Cell." When we say these names, we’re speaking about the same place—the South Side stadium that the Chicago White Sox call home. However, a big change to the name for the ballpark was announced. Chicago-based mortgage lender Guaranteed Rate has purchased the naming rights to the field for 13 years, with an option to extend the deal through 2030. And thus, the name for U.S. Cellular Field will become Guaranteed Rate Field.

Yesterday, the internet release a loud collective sigh over the new name. Chicagoans took to Twitter and Facebook to air their grievances over the naming deal. Even some other Chicago sports franchises picked on the news.

Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune looked back at the change to U.S. Cellular Field and how some fans could logistically wrap their heads around it, and how fans eventually learned to accept the name. "The money from the first naming deal helped pay to fix some of the ballpark's original flaws, like a too-high upper-deck," Rosenthal suggests. "U.S. Cellular Field was a mouthful, too, for a time. But that got shortened by fans to The Cell and in time, people accepted it ... What does Guaranteed Rate Field become? The Grate?" In addition to the Tribune’s critique of the new name, the Sun-Times published a story last night simply titled "There can’t be a worse name than Guaranteed Rate Field. Can’t be."

Former Gawker Media property Deadspin says that White Sox fans don’t have to call the stadium Guaranteed Rate Field. Of course the team and the MLB will call it by its new name, but what will you call it?