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Frank Lloyd Wright's Ingalls House takes another price chop

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The Prairie Style home’s asking price has fallen $326K in the past 17 months

The asking price of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright's J. Kibben Ingalls House in suburban River Forest continues to tumble ever lower as the home struggles to find a buyer. While the 1909 Prairie Style structure first hit the market in March of 2015 seeking $1.325 million, a price chop down to $1.18 million six months ago still wasn’t enough to get anyone to sign on the dotted line. As a result, the home was re-listed today for $999,000 — or roughly 75 percent of the property’s original asking price.

Perhaps it’s little surprise the Frank Lloyd Wright houses don’t sell like hotcakes. Owning and maintaining one of Wright’s iconic works takes a certain kind of person. More akin to curating a museum than settling down, the experience often tends to be a serious commitment of both time and money. The same slowness to sell can be seen with Wright’s nearby Winslow house which, according to real estate site Redfin, has been on the market for a staggering 520 days.