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These are the smallest condos for sale in Chicago right now

Many of these small condos have equally small price tags

Tiny houses and micro apartments are having a moment right now as a design trend and lifestyle movement. They’re going to be more common in expensive cities like New York or San Francisco than in Chicago, but we do have micro apartments and some very tiny condos for sale. How small is the smallest condo for sale in Chicago right now? A dainty 350 square feet. Fortunately, the price tag on the Hyde Park unit is just as small. With the help of real estate analytics website NeighborhoodX, we’ve got a pretty look at the most petit living spaces currently for sale in Chicago.

The nine smallest units for sale in Chicago are all 500 square feet or smaller. Here’s a quick look at each one:

↑ This 350-square-foot Hyde Park studio is currently the smallest residence for sale in Chicago at the moment. It’s asking just $59,900 and a parking space is included in the price.

↑ How’s 400 square feet? Quite cozy, right? Well this one on Wells Street is certainly a tight fit. The location is pretty great and therefore it’s asking $165,000.

↑ This condo in Norwood Park is also 400 square feet in size, but the asking price is less than half of the unit in Old Town. For $60,000, you can either buy a new luxury car or this condo.

↑ Still in the 400-square-foot range here for the next unit. This one is located up in Elmwood Park and can be had for $85,000.

↑ This pint-sized condo in Lakeview went under contract yesterday. The 400-square-foot unit listed in July asking $189,000 and then took a $10,000 price chop earlier this month.

↑ Hey, it’s tiny but it’s not entirely bleak. Sure, this one could use a fresh coat of paint but it gets some solid natural light. This small 440-square-foot unit in the Douglas community is asking $72,000.

↑ Living on Lake Shore Drive can be quite affordable if you’re living in a tiny apartment. This 440-square-foot studio space in the Gold Coast will set you back $127,900.

↑ We head back northwest to Elmwood Park for the next tiny condo. This 450-square-foot unit on North Avenue is asking just $47,500.

↑ There aren’t any interior photos, but this listing for a studio in Garfield Ridge is the largest on the list at 500 square feet. The unit is currently under contract. And with an asking price of only $32,900, it was certainly within financial reach of many.