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Homes in Humboldt Park, West Loop selling over asking price

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Meanwhile homes in Logan Square and Ukrainian Village are spending the least amount of time on the market

While home sales dipped in July, property owners in a handful of neighborhoods are having no issues finding buyers for their homes. According to a new report from Redfin, Humboldt Park is currently leading in the city for properties selling over asking price. On average, properties in Humboldt Park spend about a month on the market, and nearly half (46%) of the homes listed sell for more than the initial asking price. The trend may not be too surprising, considering Humboldt Park’s housing market has long been expected to take off.

Other neighborhoods with hot housing markets include the West Loop and South Loop, which are both also seeing properties sell for more than asking prices. According to the data, 45% of homes sold in the West Loop get more than the initial ask—a bullish figure that may only improve considering the high-profile entries of Google and McDonald’s to the neighborhood. Many South Loopers are also getting more than their asking price, although properties are spending longer periods on the market than in neighborhoods like Ukrainian Village and Logan Square.