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Construction crews ready site for Chicago's next supertall skyscraper

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Workers are busy clearing a path for Vista Tower, Chicago’s first new supertall tower in over a decade

Adhering more or less to the construction timeline presented earlier this summer to neighbors, workers were busy today preparing the future site of the 1,186-foot-tall Vista Tower in Chicago’s Lakeshore East. The whir of heavy machinery echoed off nearby buildings as crews cleared the somewhat soggy earth of long-buried wooden beams and carried out crucial sewer work on N. Field Boulevard — the roadway the upcoming 93-story skyscraper will eventually straddle between two great trunks.

Once the site is prepared, caissons can be drilled and construction will officially begin in earnest. The foundation process is expected to kick-off later this month and continue through April of 2017. Penned by Studio Gang with bKL Architecture serving as architect of record, Vista Tower will contain 406 luxury condos, 192 hotel rooms, and parking for 345 vehicles when it opens in 2020 and takes its place as Chicago’s third tallest building.