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Stately Burnham-Designed mansion in Kenilworth still seeks buyer

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The home is still the most expensive listing in the state’s most expensive zip code

After sitting on the market for over four years — and taking a hefty $1.2 million price chop in the process — a palatial Kenilworth mansion designed by famed Chicago architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham is still looking for a buyer. While Keniliworth may hold the distinction of being Illinois’ most expensive zip code, this 10,685-square-foot home is currently the tiny North Shore suburb’s most expensive listing, seeking a staggering $7,749,000.

Dating back to 1896, the seven-bedroom/seven-bath Colonial style structure has been tastefully updated and features a wine cellar, home theater, landscaped gardens, outdoor pool, and detached three-car garage with coachhouse. But for all its charm, history, and exclusive location, will this home finally find a taker?

Generally speaking, sprawling suburban mansions have struggled to sell as of late. While this vintage Burnham design sports a much finer pedigree than your typical 20,000-foot South Barrington behemoth, some buyers could have a hard time swallowing $725 per square foot. Though the current owner seems to have plenty of patience, perhaps another price chop is in the home’s not-too-distant future.