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West Loop residents make last attempt to stop new condos

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A group of West Loop neighbors are suing in hopes of halting a new development for 111 S. Peoria

Some West Loop property owners are going to extreme measures to stop an already in-the-works project for the neighborhood. According to Crain’s, a group of residents are filing a lawsuit to stop a new condo development for 111 S. Peoria Street. The suit comes as the developer, LG Development, has already sold a dozen units and gears up for groundbreaking on the project. However, West Loop residents have been fighting the project since it was first unveiled almost two years ago.

The plan was first introduced as a dense apartment development, but was later reintroduced as condos to appease concerns West Loop residents have with rentals. At one point, a group of West Loop neighbors suggested building a community center at the site. However, LG principal Brian Goldberg tells Crain’s real estate reporter Dennis Rodkin that the issue is over views. In previous meetings for the development, Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. also made it clear that the concern over preserving views isn’t a good enough reason to block new developments.

According to Crain’s, LG plans to break ground on the project in October.