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New details, photos, and floor plans on Wicker Park’s The Robey hotel

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The hotel will feature amenities and design that is more commonly found downtown

As The Robey gears up for its big grand debut this autumn, the team behind the office tower to hotel conversion is ready to spill the beans. Here’s what we already knew: the 12-story boutique hotel will feature 69 rooms, a ground level restaurant, and a rooftop bar. Here’s what we have now: a few floor plans and a first look at a couple of the hotel’s rooms. The interior design comes from Nicolas Schuybroek Architects and Marc Merckx Interiors, both of which are Belgium-based designers. The Robey will deliver something to the northwest side that is more commonly found in downtown hotels—high design and unique amenities. And it should be expected that the hotel will be competing for the same guests that are looking to stay at places like Soho House in the West Loop and the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel on Michigan Avenue. So until it opens, here’s an idea of how the rooms and some of the amenities will look.