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Roots Pizza, 21 new apartments inches closer to breaking ground in Lakeview

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In the works for some time, the mixed-use project is working its way through the permitting process

An abandoned lot along one of East Lakeview's busiest commercial corridors is finally getting ready to start contributing to the neighborhood in the form of a new four-story, mixed-use development. The site at 2941 N. Clark is slated as the future home of 21 apartments, 15 parking spots, and Chicago's third Roots Pizza location anchoring roughly 5,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space.

The project was initially presented as a 33-unit building by developer John Livaditis back in mid 2014 prior to being scaled back to 21 apartments later that year. While 2941 N. Clark isn’t quite ready to break ground just yet, a quick search of the city of Chicago’s database shows that a handful of permits have been granted with the remainder expected to follow shortly.

Update: Originally reported as a TOD project with 19 units and four parking spaces, the information in this post has since been corrected.