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After 2 years, TOD proposal near Sheridan CTA stop prepares to move forward

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The eight-story project ditched its modern design for a more conservative look last year

After making the rounds a couple years ago, a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) proposed just feet from the Lakeview’s Sheridan Red/Purple Line station is finally looking to move forward. According to a tip from a nearby resident, a legal notice regarding the project’s associated zoning change from B1-2 to B3-5 was recently distributed.

Based on the flyer, Chicago-based Loukas Development is looking to build an eight-story building with 54 residential units, ground floor retail, and 11 parking spots at the northwest corner of Sheridan and Dakin. The project, which will replace a vintage three-story brick apartment building, has evolved considerably since 2014 when Loukas came the community with a modern, modular design with 60 dwelling units and 24 parking spaces.

In 2015, the project was reintroduced with a more conservative faux provincial design from Lucien Lagrange Architects after a number of residents expressed their displeasure with the proposal’s avant-garde look. The updated project shrank to 54 units and parking was increased to 27 spots.

The latest notice shows that parking has sensibly been cut back 11 stalls, presumedly in response to Chicago’s amended TOD Ordinance and the project’s proximity to transit. Though the original modern design is still displayed on Loukas Development’s website, the office of 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman confirmed that the Lagrange sketch is indeed the project the developer intends to build.

3928 N. Sheridan

3928 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60613, USA