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Incredible industrial conversion along 606 trail lists for $2.85M

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This spacious Logan Square home is one of the coolest industrial conversions on the market right now

There are many things that make living in Chicago unique compared to other cities, and our city’s huge inventory of old industrial buildings is one of them. We don’t have the weather Los Angeles or San Francisco have, and we don’t have the pencil-thin supertalls overlooking Central Park like New York (we also don’t have the real estate prices that any of these cities do). However, Chicago’s old industrial spaces with their tall ceilings and open floor plans are appealing to companies looking to open a new office and residential users who just simply want an interesting and spacious place to live. According to the listing, this one, located on the very southeast corner of Logan Square, was most recently a mechanic’s garage before it was transformed into a residence. And it has that nice balance of open, industrial aesthetic while still feeling like a home. It’s easily one of the coolest industrial conversions on the market in Chicago right now, and it can be yours for $2.85 million.