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Illinois Medical District Blue Line station getting big overhaul

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With 1 million entries last year, the station is the third busiest along the Blue Line

The Blue Line stations in popular neighborhoods like Wicker Park and Logan Square aren’t the only ones along the diagonal route getting some much needed attention. The city has announced that the Illinois Medical District (IMD) station will undergo a $23 million renovation and updating starting next month. The overhaul, which will be the first major renovation to the station since it opened fifty years ago, will ensure that the station is accessible from all entrances and will also include better platform lighting, security cameras, and train tracker displays. The CTA has also provided a conceptual rendering that offers a look at how the station will look once completed.

According to the CTA, the IMD station is the Blue Line’s third busiest with having received 1 million entries last year. In a written statement, Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that the improvements to this station are particularly important since it serves the state’s major medical center and is used daily by thousands of doctors, students, and patients. "By investing in CTA stations like this one that provides access to health care and jobs for thousands of Chicagoans, we are creating a world-class transit system that better serves our city and those who come here."