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Former Chicago Bull Luol Deng’s Northbrook Pad Takes Hefty Price Chop

The NBA player might sell his suburban Chicago home for less than he paid

Knocking over 20 percent from its original asking price from last year, it appears that former Chicago Bull Luol Deng is serious about unloading his seven-bedroom, eight-bath mansion in suburban Northbrook. The small forward played for the Chicago Bulls from 2004 to 2014 before moving to Miami to play for the Heat andm with Deng now headed to LA, it’s little surprise that the athlete is more eager than ever to be free of his midwest property.

Deng’s former pad hit the market last August seeking $2,800,000 and, like an increasing number of large suburban mansions, the home was unable to find a buyer. The 7,000-square-foot mansion can now be had for just $2,195,000. Considering that Deng paid $2,400,000 for the property in 2009, the former Chicago player actually looks to lose a bit of dough at this price. Given that Deng’s recent acquisition by the Lakers is valued at $72 million, the hit certainly won’t be breaking the bank.