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Logan Square Twin Towers Name Revealed

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The project has a new website and a new name: MiCA

First there was MILA, then there was NoCA, and now there in MiCA. A little bit of downtown is coming to Logan Square, and as workers continue wrapping the twin towers in glass, the developers are gearing up their marketing efforts. The 216-unit apartment development near Milwaukee and California (hence the name) is advertising its proximity to the hip coffee and beer joints in the northwest side neighborhood, but we still don’t have a look at the floor plans and rental rates—yet. A small, nearly invisible disclaimer at the bottom of the page suggests that a full site is on the way, but in the meantime, the new building is collecting email addresses.

The proposal started off as dueling 15- and 11-story buildings, but was changed to 12- and 11-story towers after meeting with community members. Construction started last autumn, and promotional materials surrounding the construction site have suggested a fall 2016 opening.