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Chicago Rent Comparison: What $800 Gets You Right Now

See what $800 gets you around the Windy City

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Chicago neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today we're looking at apartments around Chicago renting for $800/month.

You’ve read all of the rental reports over the last several months—you’re aware that rents all over the country are going up. But say you’re still on a budget a need a place you can call your own. Can you even find anything in the $800 range anymore in Chicago? The answer is—perhaps surprisingly to some—yes. If you’re looking for a studio or one-bedroom in this range, you’re going to find that nearly all of your options are on the far North Side or way down south. Neighborhoods like Edgewater, Uptown, and Bronzeville have a large inventory of affordable apartments. Here’s a look at what’s available right now.

↑ $675 - 922 W Eastwood Ave #109

While there probably are apartments out there that are cheaper, they’re not going to be easy to find. Sure, you might be able to get a studio from an independent landlord living in an illegal attic or basement unit for less, but it likely won’t be by much. This Uptown studio is pretty barebones, but you can’t argue with the price.

↑ $725 - 4717 N Winthrop Ave #202

Alright, so maybe you’d prefer a studio with a view. Here’s a studio available in an older nine-story building in Uptown. It’s barebones, but all utilities are included and the price is also hard to beat.

↑ $745 - 4220 N Ashland Ave #A

It’s not the biggest apartment in the city, but it’s also certainly not the most expensive. If you just need a place to crash at night and nothing more, this Ravenswood studio may be a safe bet.

↑ $745 - 5433 N Kenmore Ave #A

Here’s another one that can be rented for just under $750 per month, this time the studio is up in Edgewater. Not surprisingly, this one is also quite small. However, it is just steps from the lake and from the Red Line.

↑ 795 - 916 W Diversey Pkwy #207

A studio in Lincoln Park next to the Brown Line for under $800? Yep, they apparently do exist. The extra perk is that all utilities are included in the price.

↑ $800 - 4410 S. Drexel Boulevard #2
According to the listing, this one-bedroom unit in the Bronzeville/Kenwood area has been renovated. There aren’t any photos of the interior, so this one could be either be really great, or not so great.

↑ $800 - 2445 N Kimball Ave #B

It’s nearly impossible to find anything for under $800 in Logan Square anymore. And the crazy thing is that just a few years ago, it would have been no problem. This basement studio is certainly not going to be for everyone, but if you can deal with the arrangement, it’ll do the trick.