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Pre-Packaged Frank Lloyd Wright in Beverly Returns with Big Price Chop

This Chicago Landmark can now be had for $569,900

If you’ve always wanted a classic Prairie style home from Frank Lloyd Wright but balk at the typically steep price tags or the renovation that some of Wright’s homes require, this may be your best chance at having a true Wright house at a reasonable price. Known as the H. Howard Hyde House, this four bedroom home in one of Wright’s American System-Built Houses, an early attempt at developing affordable pre-packaged homes with high design. The home was affordable when it was originally built, and it’s still within reach of many Chicago purchasers with its new $569,900 asking price. A Chicago Landmark, this home hit the market exactly one year ago seeking $750,000. At the beginning of this year, the home took its first price cut, which lowered the price down to $620,000. Today, it can be had for its lowest price yet. And with new plumbing, new electrical, and other updates, this house is ready to go.