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Hyde Park Home Approaching Fifth Year on the Market

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This South Side home has become one of Chicago’s most notable languishers

It can often takes weeks or even months to sell a house, but what about years? There are most certainly a few homes in the area that have spent a considerable amount of time languishing on the market, but this single family home in Hyde Park is approaching a whopping five years on the market. We highlighted the home in August 2014 for being a languisher. At the time, it had been on the market for 1,128 days. Today, that number is up to 1,813 days. Someone bit a few weeks ago—signaling that this home’s long journey in finding a new owner could be coming to an end—however, the deal fell through just a few days later. The home listed with a steep $1.499 million asking price on July 19, 2011 while the market was still shaky. The market has since rebounded, but the home still has the same $1.499 million ask.