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Frustrated Property Owner Giving Building Away for Free

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Someone has listed their building in the “free stuff” section of Craigslist

If you’ve ever browsed the "free stuff" section of Craigslist, you’re aware of the things you’re likely to come across: old pianos, obsolete computer equipment, mulch, and beat up furniture. However, one person tired of dealing with their property has listed an entire building in the classifieds—for free. Yep. According to the listing, there are no strings attached, but the person giving the home away is looking to give it to someone who has the ability and finances to fix it up.

This is a good building . All the taxes are paid on it .It definately needs work but hey its Free ! There was a church downstairs in the hall and then a 4 bedroom apt upstairs. Its a good location near the expressway and the El. If you dont have money to put into it - this is not for you ! I would be happy to show it to you tomorrow wednesday at 10 am if good just show up but Text me 30 minutes before to confirm thanx . Please no calls only TEXTS

The Craigslist ad mentions that the building’s basement used to be a church. A quick Google search returns results for 2nd Chance Social Club. It also appears to have been called Jamachi Social Club. There’s even a video on Youtube of one of the basement parties held in the building from a couple of years ago.