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More Apartments Proposed for Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square

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140 more apartments could be on their way to the hot Logan Square neighborhood

Hundreds of new apartments are currently being built along Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square, but another 140 could be on the way if a developer’s plan moves forward. According to Crain’s, the developer Clayco is looking to build a new eight-story, 140-unit building at the southwest corner of Armitage and Milwaukee avenues. Because the property is located close to the Western Blue Line station, the developer will utilize the transit-oriented development ordinance to reduce the parking count to just 28 spaces.

The application submitted to the city and a rendering of the proposed development reveals a structure designed by Forum Studio constructed of brick and glass and with multiple ground floor store fronts. The development, which would have frontage on both Milwaukee and Armitage avenues, would build over what is currently a surface parking lot and an older three-story masonry brick building on Milwaukee Avenue side.