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Lincoln Parkers to Get First Look at North Pond Revitalization Plan This Week

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A new nature sanctuary is planned for the area surrounding Lincoln Park’s North Pond

The Lincoln Park Conservancy along with Alderman Michele Smith (43rd) and the Chicago Park District will give Lincoln Park residents a first look at the plan to overhaul the North Pond Nature Sanctuary and the 36 acres of park space that surrounds it. According to the Lincoln Park Conservancy, the idea is to rejuvenate the pond itself, but also to add other natural elements for visitors to explore. The organization wants to replenish the pond with "with clean, healthy water," and add a "native woodland with a babbling creek" along with a wooden boardwalk which the group describes as a playscape for children.

The North Pond in Lincoln Park dates back to 1884. Landscape architects Swain Nelson and Olaf Benson were originally tapped to help shape the pond and the 15 acres surrounding it. It’s now filled with indigenous flora and seeks to reflect the original prairie landscape that would have been found in the area. According to the Lincoln Park Conservancy, less than 0.01% of Illinois’ original prairies exist to this day—a remarkable and alarming figure. However, the group is looking to help bring some prairie back to the middle of the city.

The Open House will take place this Thursday, July 21 at the Francis W. Parker School starting at 6:00 p.m.