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Incredible Penthouse Overlooking Millennium Park Lists for $6M

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Get a swank residence in the former Montgomery Ward headquarters

Here’s an opportunity to get a truly unique residence in the downtown area. This spacious four bedroom, four and a half bathroom penthouse occupies the very tip top of the old Montgomery Ward headquarters on Michigan Avenue. Designed by Schmidt, Garden, and Martin, and built in 1898, this early skyscraper was a grand homage to Chicago’s economic might and architectural legacy. However, today the building is known as the Six North Michigan Condos and the old offices have been replaced with high-end residences. And perhaps the most posh unit of them all is this 19th floor penthouse.

Interestingly enough, the unit last sold for $3.9 million in March 2014. The sale price was down quite a ways from the $4.75 million ask when the penthouse listed in June 2013. Has the market improved so much that the penthouse warrants a $2 million increase since its last sale? Demand has been strong and luxury units have been selling like hotcakes in the last couple of years. However, the final sale price of this particular penthouse is still yet to be determined.