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Lakeview TOD at Belmont Stop Moves from Concept to Active Proposal

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The developer is requesting a zoning change for the six-story project

A previously-reported conceptual design showing a slim, transit-oriented development (TOD) immediately adjacent to Lakeview’s Belmont CTA station is apparently a real proposal. Earlier this week, representatives from developer GW Properties presented plans for the new mixed-use building to Central Lake View Neighbors in hopes of receiving the community group’s blessing prior to applying for zoning approval.

According to DNAinfo, the proposed six-story building slated for 937-945 W. Belmont would feature retail on its first two levels with either residential or office programming above. Hoping to take full advantage of Chicago’s TOD ordinance, the plan includes no on-site parking. Despite earlier assumptions by some residents to the contrary, the long-discussed CTA Belmont fly-over project will not affect the new development.

The preliminary design comes from Chicago-based architecture firm Design Studio 24. Though the recently shared renderings closely match the conceptual images circulated in a retail leasing flyer earlier this year, details such as coloring and materials are reportedly still being finalized. Additional images of the proposed TOD can be seen here.