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Two West Loop Apartment Buildings Containing a Combined 120 Units Cleared to Rise

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The upcoming rental units will be split across a pair of four-story brick buildings

The second of a pair of four-story apartment buildings planned at the northeast corner of Monroe and Aberdeen in Chicago’s West Loop landed building permits yesterday. Currently known just by its address of 33 S. Aberdeen, the brick building will contain 50 units and 50 parking spaces.

While the project was originally controlled by Michigan Avenue Realty Group, the Aberdeen portion was sold last summer to developer Steven DeGraff, according to Crain’s. Michigan Avenue Realty Group, still maintains ownership of a planned 70-unit, 70 parking stall neighboring building slated for 1050 W. Monroe. That structure received its own building permit back in May of this year.

The site was previously home to Carmichael’s Steakhouse and an attached parking lot. While the restaurant’s large, publicly-accessible landscaped terrace is no more, the new development will eventually include a roughly 8,000-square-foot shared courtyard. The combined 120 rental units are expected to make quite a splash in a supply-hungry West Loop market that has historically favored condo construction over new rental projects.