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Get a Good Look at Yesterday’s Gorgeous Rainbow Sunset

Residents across the city were enamored by yesterday’s surprisingly beautiful sunset

Chicago weather is extreme. We have brutally cold and dry winters and our summers are very hot and humid. Storms bring heaps of snow during the winter months and during the summer months, thunder, lightning, and strong winds are common. However, we’re occasionally rewarded for having to put up with our extreme weather in the form of blissful sunsets and even rainbows. Yesterday, we were graced with both. If you missed last night’s gorgeous rainbow sunset, here are a handful of great images to store in your memory bank.

Missed the rainbow but caught the sunset. #sunset #rainbow #chicagosunset #chicagorainbow

A photo posted by Ryan (@ryanmoorephotography) on

The mid-storm double rainbow, sprouting from @lakevieweast ! What a beautifully dynamic city we live in!

A photo posted by Enrico Formato (@formato102) on

My contribution to the genre

A photo posted by Eric Allix Rogers (@ericallixrogers) on

The most gorgeous double rainbow ... Absolutely incredible #viewfrommyroof #lovemyview #doublerainbow

A photo posted by Katherine Harper (@scrippsie6) on

A photo posted by @jeshadid on

Double rainbow! (It's faint, but there.) #chicagorainbow #doublerainbow #searstower

A photo posted by Laura Hirshfield (@lhirshf) on

A photo posted by David Sowa (@david.sowa) on

☂ ⚡️ #chicago #rainbow

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