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Demolition Imminent for 19th-Century West Loop Victorian

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The historic building is at risk after its release from a 90-day demo hold list

A slice of old Chicago is poised to forever disappear as a historic four-story building at the intersection of Lake, Ogden, and Loomis prepares to meet the wrecking ball after being releases from the city’s demolition hold list. Dating back to 1892, the Queen Anne style structure at 1393-1399 W. Lake Street features a rounded corner turret, copper detailing, and an ornate roof topped by a weathervane.

The building has been home to La Luce Italian restaurant on its first and second levels since 1993. While the family-owned and operated eatery served United Center crowds well before the West Loop emerged as one of Chicago’s premier culinary destinations, the neighborhood staple is now closed according to Yelp.

With the city-mandated 90-day hold exhausted, the structure is now eligible to be torn down. While the Demolition-Delay Ordinance was created in 2003 to allow certain historic properties to "explore options, as appropriate, to preserve the building, including but not limited to landmark designation," it is clear that no such protection has been secured in the case of 1393-1399 W. Lake. Theoretically, demolition of the 19-century building could start today. It’s unclear what, if anything, is expected to replace the endangered vintage structure.