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Vacant Harpo Studios Outbuilding May Also See Redevelopment

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Could West Loop power player Sterling Bay be planning yet another new development?

While developer Sterling Bay’s 600,000-square-foot, Gensler-designed McDonald’s corporate headquarters slated for 110 N. Carpenter has grabbed recent headlines, the redevelopment of a second, smaller piece of Oprah’s former Harpo Studios campus may also be in the works. Based on a tip regarding soil testing taking place on-site earlier this week, the Chicago-based developer is likely cooking something up for the 19,000-square-foot office building and adjacent parking lot at 1115 W. Washington.

Located kitty-corner to McD’s future HQ and just across from an upcoming 70-unit condo project from Belgravia Realty Group, the parcel in question appears well positioned for future development. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sterling Bay paid $3.31 million for the parcel as part of its $30 million acquisition of the Harpo Campus. The property is currently zoned DX-3 downtown mixed-use.

While it’s too early to say what could replace the building at 1115 W. Washington, the recent exploratory drilling represents yet another iron in Sterling Bay’s growing West Loop fire. In addition to large office projects like 110 N. Carpenter and Fulton West, the developer is also making its mark on Fulton Market’s burgeoning retail scene. Urban Outfitters’ Anthropologie brand recently announced a new location in SB’s landmarked former B A Florist building at 1000 W. Randolph. The national retailer entered a 10-year lease for roughly 11,500 square feet of space, according to Crain’s.

Update: According to an eagle-eyed Curbed Chicago commenter, a condominium development is being discussed for this location. Notes from the developer's meeting with the Neighbors of the West Loop (NOWL) development committee can be found here. A public meeting regarding the proposal is tentatively planned for some time in August. Stay tuned.