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These are the Frank Lloyd Wright Homes Currently for Sale Around Chicago

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Looking for a Prairie School masterpiece? You have options.

A handful of Frank Lloyd Wright homes around the Chicagoland area have entered the market in the last couple of weeks, so it’s time to take a more comprehensive look at what’s currently available. Some of the Wright homes for sale have bounced on and off the market for years while others are entering the market for the first time in decades. There are even a couple that are currently under contract and may officially exchange hands in the coming weeks.

Wright’s homes have a similar flair for being modest in appearance, blending in with their natural surroundings, and relatively affordable. While some may spend months or years on the market, others are snatched up in a matter of days. Homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright aren’t exactly rare in the Chicago area, but there generally aren’t more than a handful on the market at any given time.

↑ Avery Coonley House
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Coonley House returned to the market a couple of weeks ago, and returned with a greatly reduced asking price. The house, which one of Wright’s most grand works in the Chicago area, has been on and off the market for the last several years. The current $1.799 million asking price is a fraction of the $2.89 million that the owners were asking nearly six years ago when the house first entered the market. Will there be another price reduction? We’ll have to wait and see.

↑ H. Howard Hyde House
This Wright house in the South Side neighborhood of Beverly first entered the market exactly a year ago, but there seemed to be signs of trouble from the very beginning. Just days after listing, the home took a $100,000 price reduction, and then in January, the house knocked another $30,000 off. Today, the landmark home can be had for $569,900. Considering the home’s history, the star power behind its design, and the numerous updates made to it, the current asking price doesn’t seem totally unreasonable.

↑ Sherman Booth House
This unique three-story house designed by Wright was built in north suburban Glencoe in 1916—a period where Wright had fully developed his unique Prairie School brand of architecture. And interestingly enough, the home is actually one of several Wright-designed homes in the Ravine Bluffs subdivision. The house has belonged to the same family since the late-’60s and it has only had three owners since it was constructed. It hit the market last week for the first time in decades and can be had for $1.9 million.

↑ J. Kibben Ingalls House
Similar to other Wright homes currently on the market, the Ingalls House in River Forest has been in the same family for many years. The Prairie home first hit the market in March 2015 seeking $1.325 million but has since reduced the ask to $1.18 million. The house is by no means flashy, and if anything, has a really modest and pleasant aesthetic to it. It even listed with some really delightful retro photos from the 1970s when it originally hit the market last year.

↑ William Winslow House
After spending years on the market and taking numerous price cuts, the William Winslow House in River Forest is finally pending contract. The house first listed in December 2013 seeking $2.4 million. Its most recent asking price before scoring a contract was $1.375 million. The kicker is that the house is perhaps the loveliest Wright-designed home that has been on the market in the last few years, yet it has struggled to find a buyer. We’ve written about this house numerous times and even asked if this year would be the year that it’d finally find a buyer. If everything works out, it’ll be officially sold in the coming weeks. The deal could aways still fall apart and this gorgeous Prairie Schooler could return once again to the market.

↑ Oscar B. Balch House
The Balch House in Oak Park was built in 1911 at the height of Wright’s career in the Chicago area. Wright ultimately went on to complete 25 homes in Oak Park over a three decade period, including his own home and studio. This particular house however is notable for being Wright’s first commission after returning to his practice after fleeing for Europe with his mistress Martha Borthwick in 1909. The house hit the market in March seeking $1.25 million and is currently pending sale.

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