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South Loop Demolition Will Make Way for New 15-Story Tower

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The former National Association of Letter Carriers headquarters is being demo'ed

Demolition permits have been issued for the shuttered National Association of Letter Carriers building at 1411 S. Michigan Avenue in the South Loop. A new 15-story tower from Russland Capital Group and LendLease will soon take its place as construction on the new development is expected to begin later this year. Designed by BKV Group, the new tower will become a mixed-use project with 199 apartments, 100 parking stalls, and 40,000-square-feet of commercial space. A medical center is expected to take over much of the building’s commercial space, but residents will have access to amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, basketball court, and yoga studio. According to the timeline on Russland’s website, the development is expected to welcome its first renters by 2017.