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Newly-Constructed Arts & Crafts Home in Lakeview's Graceland West Asks $4.5M

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The pricey north side property offers a fresh take on a classic American architectural style

While many new homes are often criticized for their lack of character or less than stellar building materials, it's hard to find fault with this newly-constructed Graceland West home designed as an homage to America’s Arts and Crafts movement. Penned by architects Sullivan, Goulette, & Wilson, the home fully embraces the Craftsman style through its genuine stone chimneys and cedar shingling but also comes with a full suite of modern luxury amenities.

At roughly 7,700 square feet, the house features no less than six-bedroom and six-bathrooms plus fireplaces in the living room, master suite, and large second-level chef’s kitchen. The listing also includes an equally handsome detached four-car garage and a 2,500-square-foot yard with built-in sprinklers, heated walkways, and an outdoor hearth. This level of luxury and attention to detail, however, comes at a price. Currently asking $4,495,000, 4122 North Greenview Avenue is directly competing with some of Chicago’s most expensive mansions and downtown condos.