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Historic Loop 'L' Stop Tapped for Restoration, Accessibility Upgrades

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An $18.2 million renovation of the Quincy station will include new elevators

Among the oldest and best preserved first generation stations in Chicago’s ‘L’ system, the CTA stop at Quincy and Wells is on track to receive a major renovation. According to Streetsblog Chicago, the board of the Chicago Transit Authority has approved an $18.2 million revamp of the station which will see the stop fully comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act for the the first time thanks to the planned addition of two new elevators. Ragnar Benson Construction has been tapped to lead the overhaul with work expected to begin later in 2016.

Designed by architect Alfred M. Hedley, the historic 1897 Quincy stop has changed little over the years, prompting its inclusion on the American Institute of Architects’ list of "150 Great Places in Illinois." The busy elevated Loop stop was last renovated in 1988 and serves the Brown, Orange, Pink, and Purple Lines. It is also the closest CTA stop to Chicago’s Union Station. The project is an important step towards achieving 100% system-wide ADA compliance — a goal set by the CTA earlier this year, albeit with a fairly sluggish 20-year timetable.

CTA - Quincy/Wells

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