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Logan Square Greystone Fetches Nearly 20% Over Ask

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The Logan Square area has certainly become a seller's market

While the large majority home sales in Chicago close below the original asking price, some neighborhoods are bucking that trend in a big way. If you're looking to get a good deal in Logan Square, you may be in for a surprise. The housing market in this northwest side neighborhood has been heating up over the last several years, but many homes in desirable locations are getting offers well over the initial asking price. Remember these three greystones we highlighted back in April? One has since exited the market, one remains on the market with the same asking price, and one has closed above ask. The greystone two-flat at 2614 N. Francisco that entered the market with a $750,000 price tag closed at $877,000—or 17% over ask. While it may not be as much as what a greystone in Lakeview or Lincoln Park would fetch, with sale prices approaching the $1 million range, Logan Square doesn't appear to cooling off anytime soon.