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Woodstock Bed and Breakfast from Groundhog Day Movie Returns

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The old Victorian is indeed an operating bed and breakfast

The classic Victorian mansion that served as the bed and breakfast in the 1993 film Groundhog Day has returned to the market once again, and this time with a much lower asking price and dozens of new photos. The building, which is indeed an operating bed and breakfast, was originally constructed in 1895 and is located just a few blocks from Woodstock's historic square. It's listed as an eight bedroom, eight and half bathroom property with a total space of 5,815-square-feet.

The home last sold for $435,000 in 2008, but reentered the market in February 2014 asking a steep $985,000. Over the months, the asking price was reduced a number of times until last October when it was finally dropped down to $649,000. However, it has returned once again, this time asking $645,000 and Baird & Warner has provided literally dozens of photos in the latest listing.