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Lincoln Park Home Designed by Willis Tower, Hancock Center Architect for Sale

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This home designed by Bruce Graham is asking nearly $2 million

Here's a rare chance to own a fascinating home from a literal legend. The design of this 4,000-square-foot home on Willow Street near the edge of Lincoln Park and Old Town comes from Bruce Graham, one of the lead architects of the Willis (Sears) Tower and John Hancock Center. According to the listing details, the home was completed in 1972, which was during the same period that the then-named Sears Tower was being constructed in the Loop. The home has some unique features, but one thing that is clearly noticeable is its cedar exterior paneling and the amount of natural sunlight the house gets. This is not just a house to hang your art in, this home is a work of art itself. It's asking $1.95 million.