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Excavators Spotted on the Site of Long Planned Loop Skyscraper

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Construction is likely to begin on a new 50-story office tower

A long planned skyscraper for the northwest corner of Franklin and Washington on the western end of the Loop appears to finally be moving forward as a pair of excavators have recently landed at the site of the future office tower. The plan, first unveiled back in 2012, has gone through numerous changes, but was approved by the Chicago Plan Commission last summer. The 50-story angular glass tower designed by Krueck + Sexton Architects will feature 1.2 million square feet of office square from comes developer Tishman Speyer, which says that the building "presents a singular opportunity for a company to create a unique, tailor-made corporate headquarters."

Beyond its striking shape, the building is notable for being one of a handful of major office tower projects either currently under construction or just getting off the ground. The project is being built in an area that is rapidly developing area of downtown, just a couple of blocks from 150 N. Riverside and River Point, the city's two largest office projects currently under construction. According to Tishman Speyer, the project is expected to take two years to complete, at which it could become the workplace of over 3,500 people.