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Fully Renovated 1865 Bronzeville Greystone Mansion Asks $699K

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The home’s classic, Chicago-style exterior gives way to a spacious and modern interior

While Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood features a number of charming 19th-century greystone mansions, few are rehabbed to the same level as this 5,880-square-foot example on South Michigan Avenue. While the new front door might be a tad ostentatious, the rest of the home’s renovations — like its large open-plan chef’s kitchen and dining room featuring a coffered ceiling — are tastefully done.

Perfect for a large family, the four-level home sports a spacious finished family room on its lowest level and four bedrooms on its second. The master bedroom and its large sitting area and bright bathroom serve as a parental sanctuary on the the home’s third floor. Due to its many renovations and upgrades, the home is a bit pricier than some of its vintage south side neighbors. That said, the $699,000 ask is still quite reasonable considering a similar listing in Lincoln Park or Gold Coast would easily exceed twice that price.