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New River North Tower Starts Deck Addition on Top of Neighbor

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The upcoming 39-story residential project is taking over the roof at 640 N. LaSalle

While the 39-story, 450-unit "Gallery on Wells" residential tower has been steadily climbing at the former site of Planet Hollywood/Gino’s East in River North for some time, construction on the tower’s amenity space on top of the roof of an adjacent commercial structure is also now underway. Set above the offices at 640 N. LaSalle (known by many as the Effen Vodka building), the indoor/outdoor space will eventually feature extensive landscaping, dog run, and a pool deck connected to the new tower via a catwalk. Though developer Magellan has yet to create an official webpage for their project, several renderings — including a good look at the finished deck — were available on partner Wanxiang Real Estate’s site.

Building large outdoor space atop an existing nearby structure is hardly a new practice. For example, the AMLI River North tower executed a similar maneuver for its large 12th floor deck on the roof of the 11-story Greenway Self Park structure at the corner of Clark and Kinzie just a few short years ago. The latest photos of Magellan’s project also show the climbing core of JDL Development’s 640 N. Wells rising just across the street. That 22-story tower replaces the former Ed Debevic’s restaurant and parking lot and will feature 251 new dwelling units.