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Timber Loft Asking $515K is on the 606 — Quite Literally

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The two-bedroom home features high ceilings, natural light, and splashes of color

As the elevated 606 trail prepares to celebrate its one year anniversary tomorrow, it's become clear what a positive and transformative effect the amenity has had on the surrounding neighborhoods. Though "close to the 606" has turned into a real estate buzz-phrase these days, this timber loft condo really means it. You can watch joggers flash by from the living room and standing on the home’s 40-foot long outdoor deck puts you right about at ankle level. While such extreme proximity to the popular public trail may not be every person’s cup of tea, there are plenty more busy and noisy spots to live in Wicker Park.

Inside, this two-bed, two-bath loft features 11-foot ceilings, large windows, exposed brick, hardwood floors, and a handsome kitchen. The current owner was obviously not afraid of color, evident by the rich paint-jobs in the bedrooms and the azure table and chair set in the spacious living/dining area. Unlike a number of timber lofts, both bedrooms are fully enclosed for privacy. The building also includes a shared communal roof deck that offers a great vistas of the leafy neighborhood as well as downtown. The ask? $515,000.