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Gold Cost Condo Tower Currently Under Construction Could See Height Bump

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No. 9 Walton is the fourth project this week to seek more height under the city's new bonus system

While this week saw a trio of West Loop projects announce plans to pounce on Chicago’s new Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus program, the already under construction residential tower at 9 W. Walton reportedly intends to do the same. Following in the footsteps of the Nobu Hotel, the proposed 627-unit redevelopment of the H2O+ site, and the future corporate headquarters of McDonald’s at 110 N. Carpenter, developer JDL hopes to achieve a greater height by paying into a dedicated fund designed to spur reinvestment in Chicago’s underserved neighborhoods. Already several levels above the ground, No. 9 Walton is the first project to seek such as bonus well after construction has already begun.

According to the folks at Chicago Architecture Blog, the development team is hoping to purchase the privilege to grow by two additional stories. The increase (worth exactly 0.29 points of bonus floor area ratio) would bring the luxury condominium building’s total height up to 37 stories and 456 feet. The tweak would also see the tower’s unit count swell from 67 to 71 with its already-built below grade parking garage set to remain at 74 spots. At this point, it’s unclear exactly how much dough the developers of No. 9 Walton are required to pony up. Much like Nobu Hospitality’s heavily-amended Fulton Market plan, the change will be dependent on city authorization.