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Planned 12-Story River North Condo Project Gets New Look

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In the works since 2013, the project is moving forward with an updated design

Since demolition crews made short work of the former Astrolab film processing building back in March, the site of a future 12-story, 10-unit condo development at 61 W. Erie has remained quiet as LG Developed waited patiently to receive a special use permit from the city for its ground floor parking. In the meantime, new elevation drawings lifted from recent city of Chicago legislative documents have revealed considerable changes to the upcoming building’s exterior design.

While still very modern, the structure’s previous maze-like concrete and wood facade has apparently given way to a decidedly less-funky glass and metal window wall system. The plans also now show wide south-facing balconies overlooking what is currently a parking lot for a drive-through Walgreen’s. However, given River North’s rapid rate of new development, it may only be a short matter of time before those terraces are facing something and new and shiny. While the previous design came from Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture, the updated diagrams appear uncredited in the recent city paperwork.